Securing your financial future in 2020

Money is an inevitable fact of life - we all have it - and when we are having a bad time with money we become down, trapped, isolated, constantly worrying. Having a poor financial situation can magnify any other issues in life too, at home, at work, with family, in your relationships, and it knocks our self-esteem.

On the other hand - when you have your finances under control, you are worry-free around the biggest fact of life. The stress lifts from your shoulders and those around you. Your happiness levels improve, you feel stable, secure, you feel in the drivers seat when it comes to money allowing you to make better decisions. 

How would you feel if you gained financial control this year?

Our 6 month course will give you the tools, resources, plans and training you'll need to control your finances and reach your financial ideal! All within 6 months.


We are so confident we can revolutionise your personal finance we guarantee it - or get every penny back.*


Enrol now for 'by your side' training, coaching and accountability, delivered until 28th August 2020.













Accountability Support

We will keep track of every individual's progress on a weekly basis, as well being available 24/7 to make sure you are walking the steps needed to reach goals.


Enrol by 28/02/2020 to graduate by 28/08/2020 where you will receive a special bonus to celebrate your new life with financial CONTROL.  

Any questions? Feel free to use the CALL button above to schedule a call, or email and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.


1. Money back guarantee is only available if you follow and complete your bespoke workbook and attend every monthly meeting. If you have met these requirements and still do not have the financial control we promised in your 'achievable change plan' we will refund you in full.

2. You are able to graduate from the bootcamp after three months if you have reached financial control in 90 days (which is possible for some 💪).

3. £5 Financial Control Assessment Deposit is non-refundable, once you have made your £5 investment you will be directed to book your initial chat.

What's in the Personal Finance Accountability Course?


Initial Assessments by B-A-T

The first part of the course will be completing an initial assessment with Georgia from B-A-T, which will then be reviewed throughout your journey. After the initial assessment we will form your"Achievable Change Plan".

Bespoke Achievable Change Plan

Your 6 month change plan is tailored to you and your financial strengths and goals. Once you are happy with the change we will add our money back guarantee to promise you will achieve this in 6 months. 

Tailored Personal Finance Workbook

As you master the habits to financial control through the tips, tricks and techniques delivered in your personal course book, you'll begin to make speedy progress towards reaching the "Change Plan" goals.

Bootcamp Blogs

Training is scheduled in advance, once a month, delivering the vital information, techniques, tips, resources and tutorials you need, followed by a private, 1-2-1 coaching call with the trainer.

1-2-1 Coaching Calls

Monthly coaching calls with Georgia Duffee to ensure you are ready to take financial control and take a small step to a big change.