"It helps massively, it takes such a burden off your shoulders, and that's one of the most important things, I think, about having an accountant."

Serena Wright - Amunet Staffing

1. Consultancy

Would you like to talk through your taxes and compliance with an expert on a consultancy basis now?

2. Money Mentoring

Would you benefit from meeting regularly with a money mentor who can ensure you are on track to reaching your personal goals and maximising your businesses potential?

When did you last sit down and create your plan to build reserves, repay debts, invest, save for retirement? 

Are you navigating your financial future without a compass?

Quotation tailored to you


⁍ I'll take a real time financial snapshot of your business and personal life

⁍ We’ll map out a clear, easy to achieve plan to reach your money goals now and in the future

⁍ With a structured approach I’ll mastermind with you, guide you and keep you accountable throughout your growth

⁍ During our engagement I will provide accounting and tax services to ensure you have a full financial picture and adequate cash reserves in all areas of your business

⁍ We will re-learn money mindset issues ensuring you have wellbeing in both your business and personal finances


⁍ I listen to your goals, dreams, fears surrounding your finances

⁍ I create easy to implement solutions to supercharge your wealth building

⁍ I ensure every session ends with a solution

⁍ I dedicate as much time as needed to grow your business, your wealth and develop sustainability

⁍ I connect you to specialists in areas such as investments, mortgages, pensions and insurances

⁍ I implement strategies used by self made millionaires, high ticket coaches and world renown mentors to help you build a robust, life-long financial management system


Tell me the number one money goal you want to achieve!


Are you a start up business owner looking for money management support?

With 10 years experience, I am here to help you create cushions of money in your business and personal life through forecasting, budgeting and mindset - while overseeing your statutory accounts and tax compliance.

Which solution would best suit you?:

"When I have a query about the accounts, or any bit of anxiety about it, I'm straight on the phone or a quick message and it is sorted within minutes"

James Hardy - CodeTwoFour


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